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Marathon man Eddie Izzard gets a lot of mileage out of Martin Audio

Prior to completing 27 marathons in as many days, the comedian used a Martin Audio Mini system for his four-week residency at London’s Palace Theatre.

Dubbed as one of Britain’s greatest comedians, Eddie Izzard is now also known for completing a staggering 27 marathons in 27 days across South Africa.

Prior to this stunning feat of athleticism, Izzard held a four-week residency at London’s Palace Theatre, for a reloaded versions of his previous Force Majeure show.

Supplying a Martin Audio Mini system was the company’s long-term Worcester-based partner, Intasound.

The opportunity came along following the 10-week run at the same venue by Derren Brown, at the suggestion of the artist’s production manager Blair Halliday, who recommended them to Izzard’s production man, James Kelly. And so as one Intasound system loaded out, the new Martin Audio system moved in.

Intasound proprietor Francis Dale explains: “These were two very different performances and this required us to go from creating a more intimate sound with the point source system to a full flown line array for Eddie’s more rock ‘n’ roll style presentation.”

For Izzard’s sound engineer, George Glossop, Intasound deployed 28 W8LM Mini Line Array cabinets in total – eight a side for the main hang, with three flown in the stalls and three ground stacked in the dress circle.

WS218X subs were stacked either side of the stalls in front of the proscenium arch, while Martin Audio DD6’s were placed across the front of stage as lip fills, to cover the ‘dead’ area in front of stage and four F8+ were used as outfills in the stalls and Upper Circle areas.

On stage Izzard received his reference sound through four Martin Audio LE1200 wedge monitors, while a W2 on either side of the stage provided sidefills.

“This was all about getting great vocal clarity delivered to every seat,” says Dale, “as aside from the entry and exit music play-in at the beginning and end of both halves, including the big finale, the delivery was all from vocal mic.

“It all worked extremely well and we received great feedback from Mick Perrin Worldwide, the management company, after the shows.”

Photo: © Andy Hollingworth Archive