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StagePlot Pro v.2.5.1

Stage layout app

What is it?A Mac-based software application design to produce accurate, comprehensive stage plots or layouts. DetailsStagePlot Pro offers sound engineers and stage managers everything they require to create stage layouts, input lists and monitor mixes on a single page. By choosing an ‘Instrument’ from the menu bar, it appears in the Load-In window and can then be dragged to the desired position on the ‘Stage’. Instruments can include everything from drums, guitars, keyboards, string and brass instruments to microphones, amplifiers, monitors, DI boxes, etc. The radio buttons in the Load-In window can be used to angle an instrument left or right before dragging it onto the stage where it can then be re-positioned simply by dragging it. The Riser and Grand Piano windows work in much the same way and will appear when the appropriate instruments are selected from the menu bar. If it is necessary to add several of the same Instruments to the stage (such as a monitor wedges or microphones) it is possible to check ‘Leave on Dock’ and then drag the Instrument to the stage repeatedly without having to go to the menu bar each time. The stage may be resized simply by dragging the lower right-hand corner and Instruments may be aligned with each other using their left, right, top or bottom edges. Instruments can also be freely named, duplicated, re-sized and grouped together and custom groups of instruments may be saved and re-used in subsequent stage plots. The software offers a wide range of preferences – such as selection of imperial or metric measurements – for customising layouts to individual requirements.