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Stormen Concert House decked out with DPA Microphones

A d:facto Vocal Microphone was supplied

Stormen Concert House, the new home of the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, has added a d:facto Vocal Microphone which was supplied with a handle and an adapter to fit the concert hall’s Shure wireless system.

Located in the Norwegian town of Bodø, Stormen Concert Hall was designed by British architects DRDH and officially opened in November 2014. It replaces an older venue that was only ever intended as a temporary solution, although it actually stood for 23 years before the new building was commissioned.

The concert hall has three different auditoriums. A main hall with 940 seats, a small hall with 240 seats and a chamber hall with 60 seats. It also has a club venue with standing capacity for 460. The main hall features a comprehensive system for transforming the stage and acoustics, making it suitable for either symphonic musical performances or theatre.

Sound engineer Håvard Christensen, head of stage engineering at Stormen, was site manager during the construction phase and worked closely with Arup Theatre Consulting, which specified all sound, visual and communication systems.

“I was also a user representative during the planning of the new concert hall because I had spent several years working for a local PA company,” he says.

Christensen had used the DPA Microphone’s products for many years in his own studio, which specialises in classical and jazz recording.

“I have always regarded them as the No. 1 choice for natural sound reproduction of any instrument, both acoustic and amplified,” he explains. “Another very important feature is the accuracy of the pickup pattern. This makes feedback easy to control and makes bleed from adjacent instruments sound more pleasing.”

Stormen’s stock of DPA includes over 20 d:dicate Recording Microphones, 20-plus d:vote Instrument Microphones, four d:screet™ SC4098 Podium Microphones and over 30 d:fine Headset Microphones, all of which were supplied by DPA’s Norwegian distributor, Lyd-Systemer.