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Turbosound Flashline TFS-900

Large-scale line array

What is it?A complete line array sound reinforcement system designed to deliver hi-fi sound quality to large audiences. DetailsThe Flashline TFS-900 is a fully-integrated system comprising speakers, amplification and system control racks, flying hardware and transport cases in a “very powerful and space-efficient” format. Said to be the first two-box, five-way line array system of its type, it incorporates eleven drive units said to provide extremely high output and capable of delivering coherent sound with very low distortion in the largest indoor and outdoor arenas. The TFS-900H covers four frequency bands from 60Hz to 20kHz, while the TFS-900B subwoofer provides sub-bass frequencies down to 35Hz. The eleven custom-designed drive units comprise three HF compression drivers and dual 6.5” high-mid drivers – each loaded by a Dendritic waveguide – four horn-loaded 6.5” low-mid frequency drivers and two horn-loaded 12” low-frequency drivers that utilise both front and rear cone radiation for maximum efficiency.
 Amplification takes the form of 20000DP four-channel units incorporating Lake processing and Dante networking. The power capability of the TFS-900H’s four frequency bands exactly matches the output of the 20000DP’s four output channels, with only four racks of three amplifiers required to deliver optimum energy transfer into a system of 18 TFS-900H tops and 12 TFS-900B subs. The TFS-900H cabinet is constructed from 15mm birch plywood (18mm for the TFS-900B subwoofer) and is finished in black TourTough finish with IP54-rated stainless steel perforated grilles. A recessed rear panel carries two parallel-linked Speakon NL8 connectors for input and loop-through connections. And another thing…Rigging hardware is integrated into the end cheeks of the TFS-900H enclosure which also provides grab handle positions. Drop links at the front and rear of the box engage in the flygear above in the array to allow inter-cabinet splay angles from 0° to 5°.