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Wisycom wireless gear global with Lukas Graham

The front of house technician and monitor engineer took microphones and other gear away with the Danish pop and soul band

When Frank Grønbæk, front of house technician, and Rasmus Valentin Hansen, monitor engineer, packed up their equipment for the worldwide Lukas Graham tour, both had their Wisycom devices with them.

Lukas Graham is a Danish pop and soul band comprising of lead singer Lukas Forchhammer (pictured right), drummer Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson, and keyboardist Morten Ristorp. Their second album was released in 2015 and earned international attention with singles like Mama Said and 7 Years, the latter of which peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Hansen says: “I have been working with all the wireless and in-ear equipment for Lukas Graham since spring of 2012. I have been a fan of Wisycom’s devices for a long time and the company’s wideband RF technology makes it very easy to travel all over the world.”

On every tour, Hansen and Grønbæk have Wisycom’s MRK960 Modular Wireless Microphone Receiver System, MTH400 Wireless Handheld Microphone, MTP40S Wideband Bodypack Transmitters and MPR50-IEM Wideband IEM Receivers. Also used with the Wisycom gear is a DiGiCo S21 for fly-in gigs or a DiGiCo SD10 for bigger tours. All the Wisycom products are connected digitally via AES input.

Grønbæk comments, “We wanted to have the best sounding equipment for IEM and for vocals. The new MPR50-IEM sounds amazing. We have also been using Wisycom’s MTH400 since it is able to be connected to DPA’s d:facto™ capsule, which is our go-to microphone head. Wisycom’s modular system is an investment in our future work, one we are happy to have made.”

On tour in the United States, Hansen and Grønbæk were locked into a certain radio frequency block due to US law. “Surprisingly, it was the exact block that we needed when we arrived in the UK,” says Grønbæk. “The engineers at Wisycom were quick to help us unlock the area on the first day of the tour in [the UK].”