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ISE 2020: Ashly Audio introduces two new speaker lines and subwoofer

"One request we heard over and over was a solution including speakers," said Noel Larson, VP of marketing and business development

The AW Series

Ashly Audio will introduce two new speaker lines and a subwoofer at ISE 2020.

This includes the AW Series on-wall speakers, the IS Series dual-impedance column speakers, and the SP subwoofer, which will be on display at stand 3-C100.

“One request we heard over and over as we reinvented our product line was the need for a more complete solution – a solution including speakers,” said Noel Larson, VP of marketing and business development at Ashly Audio. “We didn’t take this on lightly. We worked with a focused purpose and intent to ensure our speakers accentuated our amplifier, mixer amp, and processor offerings. The result is something we are incredibly proud of. We can’t wait to show off our work at ISE.”

AW Series on-wall speakers

Ashly Audio’s AW Series speakers are designed to take full advantage of Protēa and AquaControl DSP and have a unique DOC crossover that reduces the off-axis deviation in sound pressure levels to <9db. This provides a wider “sweet spot” for audio and allows for robust bass, crisp treble and an accurate midrange.

In addition, the AW speakers are IP rated meaning they offer indoor/outdoor versatility.

IS Series column speakers & SP subwoofer

The IS Series

Ashly Audio’s IS column speakers operate at eight or 32 ohms, making them effective for simple applications or allowing larger numbers to be used in distributed installations – up to 32 IS speakers can be run off of a single Ashly PEMA or CA amplifier.

The SP-12.1P subwoofer provides an extended low end and offers a portable “system-on-a-stick” configuration solution.