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ISE 2020: Meyer Sound launches ULTRA-X20 and subwoofer

“The ULTRA-X20 is a breakthrough in power-to-size ratio”


Meyer Sound has unveiled two new compact, self-powered loudspeakers at ISE 2020.


The new ULTRA-X20 compact point source loudspeaker is a smaller version of the award-winning ULTRA-X40 loudspeaker introduced at last year’s ISE show. It offers the same design principles and technologies, but employs smaller drivers in a lighter and more compact package.

The ULTRA-X20 incorporates two five-inch cone drivers, one two-inch diaphragm compression driver and a rotatable 110°x 50° horn in a coaxial configuration. Power comes from a three-channel Class D amplifier with sophisticated DSP, and everything is fitted inside a compact cabinet that measures a mere 7.5-inch wide by 19.04-inch high by 8.6-inch deep and weighs only 11.8 kg. Preliminary performance specifications give an operating frequency range of 60 Hz to 18 kHz, phase response of ±45° (100 Hz – 16 kHz) and linear peak SPL of 123.5 dB measured with M-Noise.

“The ULTRA-X20 is a breakthrough in power-to-size ratio,” said Pablo Espinosa, Meyer Sound’s VP and chief loudspeaker designer. “It is 30 per cent smaller and seven per cent lighter than our UPJunior loudspeaker yet it offers equivalent output power and — thanks to the new coaxial design — much more consistent pattern control below the crossover point.”

Two additional variants are offered, identical except for the patterns of the rotatable horn: ULTRA-X22 (80°x 50°) and ULTRA-X23 (110°x 110°).

For extended low frequency power, the ULTRA-X20 may be paired with the new USW-112P subwoofer, the 750-LFC low-frequency control element or USW-210P subwoofer. The ULTRA-X20 is natively aligned with the 750-LFC to maximise ease of use in portable applications.

USW-112P Subwoofer

The USW-112P compact subwoofer packs robust low frequency performance into a self-powered package measuring less than 12-inch deep. It houses a single 12-inch long-excursion driver along with a class D amplifier and advanced digital signal processing.

The cabinet design features a low velocity port, based on the USW-210P, with optimised tuning for linear response and low distortion. Preliminary performance specifications include a linear peak output (measured with M-Noise signal) of 123 dB SPL across an operating frequency range of 35 Hz to 140 Hz. Phase response measures ±30° from 45 Hz to 120 Hz.

The USW-112P subwoofer measures 23.50-inch high by 13.50-inch by 11.95-inch deep. Weight is 21.3 kg.

“The USW-112P is an extraordinarily versatile subwoofer,” commented Espinosa. “With its shallow footprint and light weight, it can go anywhere and fit anywhere, from churches and clubs to restaurants and small theatres.”