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ISE 2020: Outline to make two new pro audio offerings

This will include a new addition to the company's STADIA series and the L3000 multi-purpose amplifier

Italian pro audio company, Outline, is launching two new products at ISE 2020.

The first is STADIA 28, a constant curvature array that is the latest addition to the STADIA family designed for large sports venues and arenas.

The new module is a medium-throw, constant curvature array enclosure weighing just 21 kg yet capable of a peak SPL of 139dB. It features the same weather protection and high audio quality as the rest of the range but is designed specifically for smaller venues. It is able to be arrayed in either vertical or horizontal orientation, with just six cabinets providing full 150-degree coverage in both deployments.

Also making its debut at ISE 2020 will be the L3000 multi-purpose amplifier. Designed principally for applications where it is not possible or practical to use 19-inch racks, L3000 is a freestanding multi-mode power amplifier presented in the same style enclosure as Outline’s touring loudspeakers. If rack mounting is required, however, two L3000s can be mounted using a dedicated Outline kit.

The L3000’s Class D design includes two inputs and four outputs, able to operate in single-channel mode (four x 750w at four ohms) and bridge mode (either two x 1500w at eight ohms or one x 1500w at eight ohms and two x 750w at four ohms). Onboard DSP provides a range of amplifier controls and its universal regulated switch mode power supply allows it to function on various input voltages and mains cycles globally.

The company will be at stand 7-S200 at the show.