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ISM’s Save Music campaign works to maintain free movement for musicians post-Brexit

As Brexit becomes more real, musicians and music professionals fear the impact of post-Brexit laws on free movement. The Save Music campaign is striving to maintain free movement by suggesting a two-year visa be supplied to creatives

ISM has created the Save Music campaign, launched in October 2018, asking that musicians be provided with a two-year working visa after Brexit.

With Britain’s relationship with the EU looking ever more uncertain in the face of Brexit and the various forms it could take, the Save Music campaign was launched to help protect touring musicians and their freedom of movement across the EU border so they can continue to tour with ease in the EU and EEA.

As part of the campaign, the ISM is calling on supporters to write to their MPs regarding the issue, as well as utilising Save Music logos, e-cards and its campaign video.

The House of Lords EU Select Committee report, published in July 2018, recommended a multi-entry visa allowing creatives to continue to work freely across the EU after Brexit. However, ISM and other music organisations believe this is not enough, and that a two year visa is needed to assure free movement.

Recent updates reveal that EU27 confirmed UK citizens will have to pay a seven euro fee and fill out a form every three years if the UK leaves the EU under the current deal. Although not a major barrier to travel, ISM expresses concern about these actions being taken to banish free movement.

Earliest this year, PSNEurope compiled a report from live audio experts on how they thought Brexit would affect the music industry and its touring market.

To sign up to the Save Music campaign, follow this link: