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IsoAcoustics launches STAGE 1 BOARD for speaker isolation

The STAGE 1 BOARD is designed to be used in combination with IsoAcoustics set of four STAGE 1 speaker isolators


IsoAcoustics has introduced a new product to its range of professional sound isolators: the STAGE 1 BOARD.

Designed to be combined with IsoAcoustics’ STAGE 1 isolators (available separately), the STAGE 1 BOARD provides a portable isolation platform for guitar/bass combo amps, keyboard amps, stage monitors and subwoofers.

With four STAGE 1 isolators attached, each STAGE 1 BOARD can accommodate a speaker up to 200lbs (90kg) in weight, giving musicians a base that is stable and decoupled from the performance stage. By eliminating the vibrational variables of the performance environment, the STAGE 1 BOARD is designed to help musicians achieve consistency in their sound, with added clarity and bass punch.

The STAGE 1 isolators (sold in boxes of four) have a patented isolation design to both reduce resonance through support surfaces and internal reflections from returning back up the speaker cabinet. While they can be fixed directly to speaker, subwoofer or amp cabinets, attaching them instead to the STAGE 1 BOARD allows for a more flexible setup ideal for professional touring musicians.

The IsoAcoustics STAGE 1 BOARD is available in the UK and US priced at £39.99/$39.99. STAGE 1 isolators are available now, priced at £129.99/$129.99 for a pack of four.

IsoAcoustics also recently released speaker isolation stands for smaller speakers and studio monitors, the ISO-PUCK mini.