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Jünger Audio B46 Level Magic

What is it?A loudness manager and 4-channel digital audio level processor for broadcast applications in areas such as acquisition, transmission, OB and post-production. DetailsThe B46 Level Magic is designed to address the problem of unwanted loudness changes in programme level (both peak and RMS), especially when switching between sources. It does this without adding any colouration, pumping, distortion or modulation effects to the programme material and is said to be easy to configure and use with its “intuitive” front-panel interface. The B46 incorporates Jünger Audio’s latest Level Magic adaptive loudness algorithm providing automatic control of dynamics processing and allowing unattended operation. A hard bypass relay ensures no break in sound in event of unit failure and the unit is ‘bit-transparent’ (Dolby E compatible). Standard connectivity includes both AES3 and AES3-id, although the B46 may be ordered with SD/HD SDI I/O as well. To enable compatibility with Dolby E and Dolby Digital bitstreams, the B46 Level Magic can be switched (locally or remotely) to operate in a bit-transparent mode. Optional sample rate converters are also available, along with the optional SD/HD SDI I/O card. The B46 Level Magic is not currently EBU R128 compliant, but this is scheduled for inclusion in a forthcoming upgrade.