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JBL Professional STX800 Series

Portable passive speakers

What is it?A range of portable speakers designed to bridge the gap between lighter-duty portable PA speakers and full-size tour sound systems and operated either full-range or bi-amplified.DetailsThe six STX800 passive models are said to combine rugged construction and extreme power handling capability, offering full integration with Crown’s VRack amplifier V5 level processing and JBL’s own HiQnet Performance Manager software. The range comprises the 12”, 2-way STX812M, 15” 2-way STX815M, dual 15” 2-way STX825, dual 15” slot-loaded 3-way STX835, 18” STX818S sub and dual 18” STX828S sub. All models incorporate proprietary, high-power JBL drivers said to deliver extremely low distortion and precision waveguides for accurate pattern control. The enclosures are designed for easy handling, durability and are conveniently sized for maximum usage of transport space.The STX812M and STX815M models can be used either as floor monitors, on stands or mounted on subwoofers and both feature 70º x 70º waveguides for precise, focused coverage. With its wide frequency response and broad 90º x 50º coverage angle, the STX825 is said to be ideal for bands as their primary PA, as a side-fill speaker on a concert stage or as an installed speaker in a dance club or performance venue. The slot-loaded STX835 is intended for full-range use in stand-alone applications or in high-performance environments as a ground stack passive top box. The STX835 is designed to be placed over the STX828 subwoofer, and its horn-loaded mid and high-frequency 60º x 40º waveguides allow two STX835’s to be splayed for wide-angle coverage over a large area. And another thing…Though compact, the STX818S subwoofer can deliver 1kW (continuous) power handling and comes equipped with a top-mounted M20 pole mount. For applications requiring extended bass, the STX828S’s dual 18” drivers can handle 2kW (continuous) power.