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Line array system

What is it?A ‘next generation’ line array series designed for portable and fixed-venue systems.DetailsAn evolution of JBL’s VERTEC system, VTX’s key component is the D2 Dual Driver, specially developed to improve sound and performance at high frequencies. D2 overcomes the limitations of conventional compression driver technology: diaphragm and voice coil mass limiting HF extension and distortion characteristics that arise due to dome breakup modes. The first VTX series product is the VTX V25 – a 3-way, high-directivity line array element featuring dual 2kW, 15” Differential Drive woofers mounted in die-cast aluminium baffles. Four 8” Differential Drive transducers cover the mid-range crossing over to three D2 dual-diaphragm HF compression drivers mounted on a 3rd generation waveguide and a patented RBI Radiation Boundary Integrator assembly. The VTX Series draws on other Harman Pro devices including Crown Audio’s VRack DSP and amplification. VRack is a rugged touring rack fitted with three Crown I-Tech HD Series power amplifiers, power input panel and custom-engineered input/output panels available in two configurations: VRack 12000 and VRack 4 x 3500 are loaded with three IT 12000HD and three IT 4 x 3500HD amplifiers, respectively.And another thing…All VTX suspension hardware is integrated into the enclosure and positioned for fast and secure operation. Front flip hinges and captive rear hinge bars utilising a unique Angle Stop Mechanism (ASM) allow for efficient, secure assembly without rattles.