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JoeCo recorders provide ‘rock solid reliability’ for US church audio supplier Adamsound

Dallas-based audio specialist Adamsound has optimised its digital recording set-up in churches and places of worship with JoeCo’s Blackbox recorder.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary year, Adamsound records worship music and church choir concerts across the US. Founder Randy Adams required a digital recording system that could improve workflow efficiency and adapt to a wide size range of spaces.

At Dallas’s First Baptist Church, Adamsound deploys a JoeCo BBR64-MADI – the MADI version of the Blackbox recorder that is able to capture a full 64 channels of MADI data in broadcast WAV format, recording at standard sample rates directly to on an external USB 2.0 drive.

“We use the MADI recorder there as a backup tracking system for broadcast audio,” said Adams. “It has proven to be extremely reliable and robust.”

A recent project saw Adams record the Potters House choir and Planetshakers church band from Melbourne, Australia, using two Blackbox BBR1B recorders sourced from Nashville-based RacknRoll Audio.

“The most revolutionary thing about JoeCo is the number of high quality inputs in such an incredibly small package, and the rock solid reliability,” Adams adds.

“When you think about it, the ability to go on location with one small rack – essentially replacing a tonne of equipment – is incredible. There is no doubt that the use of Blackbox recorders has been very advantageous to Adamsound.”