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John Hornby skews approach to HK dealer network

The 'selective distribution agreement' model to be deployed in UK and Republic of Ireland

UK distributor John Hornby Skewes (JHS) has announced a restructuring of its HK Audio reseller network with the launch of new ‘HK Audio Dealership Agreements, based on the ‘Selective Distribution Agreement’ business tool. An approach similar to that already adopted successfully by Shure in Europe, the move is aimed at creating a “tighter network of enthusiastic, committed, like-minded dealers”, says JHS.

Three dealership options will be made available for existing and new dealers: Reseller, Lucas Nano and Commercial Partner.

JHS executive director, sales and marketing, Alan Smith explained: “Over time, we’d noticed that our resellers had become very diverse with differing levels of commitment, and all of those resellers have varying levels of product presentation and technical understanding.

“We’re creating a new network of dealers who will be creating the high-end quality environment in which we’d like HK Audio to be represented.

“It’ll be a new and stronger partnership where we’ll be investing in staff training, new display material, supporting demonstration stock, direct despatch, extended payment terms and higher dealer profit margins, and our network in turn will agree to stock and present the brand with more commitment. When I say more commitment, I don’t necessarily mean invest a larger amount of money – I mean more commitment to understanding the virtues of the brand and the requirement to have it presented professionally.”

JHS artiste liaison/product specialist Gavin Coulson confirmed that the new set-up with apply to around 100 dealers in the UK and Eire: “They will all eventually need to re-apply or sign up for the new dealership terms,” he added.

Smith (pictured) continued: “Always at the cutting edge of pro-audio technology, in recent years HK Audio have made even more incredible advancements whilst upping both the audible and build quality further, and we want to help our Dealer network to be able to proudly present that to their customers.”

At the NAMM show in Anaheim, California later this month, HK Audio will reveal the latest addition the to the Lucas Nano range. Lucas Nano 600 systems are shown in the top photo.