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Jorg Sennheiser to deliver Heyser Memorial Lecture at AES International Convention

The AES convention is being held from May 20 to 22

The Audio Engineering Society has announced that Dr. Jörg Sennheiser will deliver the Heyser Memorial Lecture for the 142nd AES International Convention in Berlin.

Sennheiser’s presentation on May 21, titled A Historic Journey in Audio-Reality: From Mono to AMBEO, will offer an in-depth look at the evolution of audio and the listening experience. Sennheiser in outlining his presentation, says the evolution of audio capturing, processing and reproduction by technical means will be discussed.

“Achievable hearing pleasure and audio quality level are reflected in the continuous development from single- to multi-channel reproduction systems with loudspeakers and headphones, benchmarked against ‘sonic reality’,” he comments.

“The need for more emotionality in the hearing experience – especially together with visual presentations – leads to a requirement for new approaches and solutions throughout the workflow in the entertainment world and entertainment industry. Optimised solutions for capturing sound with action-cameras or smartphones are evolving, with prototypes and first products being already available and undergoing stringent end-user tests. “

He will also speak about the rapidly evolving field of gaming, augmented-reality (AR) and virtual-reality (VR), which calls for ‘immersive’ audio technologies currently under consideration.

“Multiple stakeholders in this market segment – from producers and development engineers to end-users – have to work together to imagine and design The Future of Audio,” he says.

Sennheiser’s career began as a project engineer with Siemens-Albis AG in Zurich, prior to taking up his first post with Sennheiser electronic in 1976 as technical director. In 1982, he took over management of the family business as executive shareholder. During his time at the helm, Sennheiser developed into an internationally successful brand. This involved establishing new manufacturing facilities in Ireland and the USA, while at the same time expanding production in Germany. In 2015, after 19 years in the role, Sennheiser handed over the chair of the supervisory board to Dr. Frank Heinricht.

The AES convention is being held from May 20 to 22.