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A journey through Hell with K-array at Cinecittà World

A K-array line array installation is at the heart of a new theme park opened by legendary Italian film studio Cinecittà.

Although Cinecittà (Italian for “Cinema City”) continues to be used for major productions, on 24 July the Rome studio opened a theme park, Cinecittà World, which includes roller coasters, water rides and cinematic experiences inspired and designed by Italian art director Dante Ferretti.

The Dark Sea rollercoaster brings to life Dante’s Inferno, with a journey through the poet’s interpretation of Hell that concludes in a vertical 20m freefall. While the visual elements of the ride depict images of the Underworld, “the sound is used to surprise, build suspense and create a lifelike atmosphere […] to complete the experience of Dante’s Hell,” explains Tommaso Geraci of Unità C1, which designed and constructed the install (picture).

During the ride, 26 K-array KK52s and 12 KMT12s were installed to help the yield of the low frequencies. According to Unità C1, the 20-metre climax of the ride required greater attention, as it was difficult to direct the sound towards the audience.

“The sound had to be powerful to run throughout the audience as they hang from the top of the ride,” says the company. “The speakers were therefore positioned above, and with no reflections below them the fear is created through the power of sound.”

(Georgia Butler)