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JTS for Sound Hire? Oh no it isn’t… Oh yes it is!

Sizeable investment in JTS by Yorkshire PA supplier

Yorkshire-based systems specialist Sound Hire has just taken on 32 channels of JTS UF-20 wireless for use in the theatre, performing arts and education markets.

“I’d used some of the budget JTS products in the past, before they manufactured the higher spec systems and I’d always been impressed,” says owner Joe Mitchell (right).

“I originally bought JTS systems for installations and found they just worked without any problems. Nobody ever came back and complained about them – they just did what they were supposed to do each and every time.”

The reliability on offer stirred his interest in JTS’ higher end product, says Mitchell. “I wanted some of the latest wide-band systems for the hire side of the business. More flexibility. I’d already experienced the UF-10 systems but when the UF-20 came along I liked the look of it especially with IEC mains and antenna cascade features built in (no additional ADUs required) and by then I was quite confident that anything from JTS would do very well for my business.”

The JTS UF-20 is a true diversity, dual-channel wide band UHF professional wireless system specified with an operating range of 200-480 metres and a one-touch set-up facility. JTS products are distributed in the UK by FBT Audio UK.

“Customers trust me and often leave the choice of equipment to me, which is a great compliment and this often allows you to try new products out. Since I’ve bought 32 channels of the UF-20, their performance (…) has been flawless so far and I’ve achieved 30 channels running together on the PMSE annual licensed UHF frequencies (Ch 38, 65 & 66) alone.”

Wireless systems can get some tough handling: Sound Hire’s roster includes supplying pantomimes around Catterick and beyond.

“People are often throwing water around, lots of water! The packs on the actors can get thoroughly drenched but so far I’ve had no problems at all. I’ve been really impressed with these UF-20 systems,” says Mitchell. “Long may it continue.”