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The Kaotica Eyeball, one year on

“It’s not a pop shield!” Konrad Zukowski tells PSNEurope, as he reveals future plans

October marks the one-year anniversary of the release of the Eyeball, a unique acoustic treatment device from independent studio accessories company Kaotica. The product, designed by Konrad Zukowski, isolates and channels sound directly to the microphone in order to accurately capture pure vocal tones while greatly reducing room reflections and ambient noise.

Following a three-year development cycle, the Eyeball was launched in October 2013 at the 2013 CJM Music Marathon in New York City. In the short time the Eyeball has been on the market, it has been put to use by David Guetta, Ms Dynamite, South African dance group Goldfish and a number of established engineers and producers. The product has also proven popular with voiceover specialists, including one of the UK’s biggest, Peter Baker.

Zukowski, who founded the Canada-based company in 2010, explains to PSNEurope: “Rather than treating your surroundings, the Eyeball is designed to target the two most important variables in the recording process: your voice and the microphone. “By focussing your voice to an isolated microphone, the Eyeball is able to capture the complete spectrum of your voice and reduce much of the external environment, all the while giving you clear and concise vocals free of any colouration.” These qualities make the Eyeball perfect for artists that record either on the move or in difficult acoustic environments.

Zukowski stresses that “the Eyeball is not a pop shield,” and is designed to capture professional-quality vocals. He recommends that a condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern is used in conjunction with the product.

Although the Eyeball is currently the company’s only product on the market, Konrad revealed to PSNEurope that Kaotica is currently working on several new products, including a new design for front-address microphones like the Shure SM57. With those new products in the pipeline, Kaotica is in the process of relocating to Grand Rapids, Michigan, US, from its current headquarters in Toronto.

(Harry Powell)