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Kii Audio launches THREE compact monitor with iDeal Audio in Malle

The speaker's ability to direct bass is "comparable to a traditional speaker several metres wide"

Some of Belgium’s finest audio engineers and studio owners gathered at the St Martin’s Church cultural centre in Malle earlier this month for the European launch of the Kii THREE studio monitor.

The compact speaker, designed by Bruno Putzeys – of Grimm Audio LS1 and Hypex NCore fame – combines an output of 1500W per speaker with intelligent DSP processing (Active Wave Focusing) that provides cardioid sound dispersion down to the low mid and bass frequencies.

The demo presentation, hosted by Kii’s Benelux distributor, iDeal Audio, attracted leading sound engineers such as Frank Duchêne (Hooverphonic), Luc Weytjens ( Sammy Merayah (Merayah Studio) and Bob Picard (Spotlight Reclame).

Pictured are (L–R) Thomas Jansen, Kii Audio product manager; Chris Reichardt, Kii Audio CEO; Matthias Aerts, iDeal Audio owner; Bruno Putzeys, Kii Audio CTO; Bart van der Laan, Kii Audio COO; Wim Weijers, and Kii Audio sales manager.

On its website, Kii desribes Active Wave Focusing as such:

A loophole in acoustics says that small directive speakers are possible – if you have enough drivers and you feed them the exact right signal. The THREE has a total of six ways, front, side and rear, working together to throw the sound in one direction only without relying on a baffle. The THREE’s ability to direct bass is comparable to, but much better controlled than that of, a traditional speaker several metres wide.

At the time of writing, an impressive six pairs of THREEs, plus an additional 5.0 set-up, have already shipped.