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KLANG’s 3D mix delivers silent concert for Stuttgart audience

In-ear monitor manufacturer KLANG:technologies created a binaural 3D mix for German band Adulescens in Stuttgart last month. 

The ‘silent’ concert – delivered through 1,000 pairs of headphones – was powered by KLANG’s 3D mix software KLANG:fabrik.

Adulescens’ FOH engineer Tobias Raunigk worked with KLANG to create a sound for the concert which would not be possible with conventional headphones or PA sound.

“We wanted to deliver something special as the next step up from silent discos in stereo,” says Raunigk. “With KLANG:fabrik you can create a 3D mix for the audience that sounds like you’re on stage between the musicians and not just standing in front of the stage. You’re surrounded by music, and that is really impressive.”

“The signals on stage are fed into the Dante network and send over to my Allen & Heath GLD-80 at FOH and then as direct outs via Dante to the KLANG:fabrik,” explained Raunigk.

“I use two MIDI layers on the GLD-80 to do the headphone mix in the KLANG:fabrik since I prefer mixing with physical faders. I like easy tools for creating and mixing sounds and KLANG:fabrik is so fast and intuitive to work with,” he added.

After touring smaller clubs with silent concerts for quite some time, the Stuttgart gig meant bringing the concept of the band’s silent concerts to a larger audience.

“This really was the next step of the silent concert concept for all of us,” commented Raunigk. “You could see some people where a bit sceptical at first listening to a festival gig with headphones, but as soon as they put the headphones on they start to dive into the ocean of sound and dance. I’m pretty sure we will see these kinds of concerts more often in the future.”

Watch Raunigk in conversation here.

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