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Kling & Freitag Sequenza 5

Compact line array

What is it? A compact line array system which may be flown or ground stacked in live and installed applications. Details The Sequenza 5 has been acoustically designed as a compact, discrete array but can also be used in conjunction with Sequenza 10 systems: the downfill adapter allows for positioning up to three units under the S10. The system is equipped with four 5” and three 1” Neodymium drivers and is passively controlled as a single full-range enclosure. Up to 4 elements may be operated from one channel of the K&F SystemRack for installations using one channel of TOPAS – the company’s Class-H amplifier with built-in DSP. The Sequenza 5 B fly bass houses a single 12” driver and has been designed to complement the 100° x 15° coverage of the Sequenza 5 W. Sequenza 5 employs K&F’s ‘Snap&Fly’ hardware – an integrated 3-point rigging system re-designed for use with a smaller array – and is said to offer an “elegant aspect” to the system by hiding the side and back surfaces. In addition, a specially-designed flight case (only available from Kling & Freitag) provides three different ways of installing the array and is said to allow rapid break down of the system. And another thing… Kling & Freitag’s SystemRack is a 4-channel control unit designed for use with all it portable speakers and can be remotely controlled using the company’s proprietary software.