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KMR kits out Dru Masters’ new studio

Dru Masters’ new studio in the Amplifi complex near London’s Kings Cross station has all the gear the producer/composer needs for his TV music projects, most of it supplied by KMR Audio.

Dru Masters’ latest projects include producing the music for the TV series Silk and The Apprentice as well as the detective spoof Touch of Cloth for SKY. He recently moved into a new studio at the Amplifi complex near Kings Cross in London. “I needed a bigger room with a better acoustic. This room is a really great size. The acoustic treatment, including extra sound proofing, was all done by Chris Walls at Munro Acoustics and works brilliantly for both live recording and mixing. Now my Barefoot MM27s sound the way they should.” The majority of the recording equipment in Masters’ studio has been supplied by KMR Audio, including a lunchbox rack that houses Neve 1073 and API 512 mic preamps, and a Benchmark DAC which fulfills the role of ‘the most expensive headphone amp ever’. “I get almost all of my gear from KMR because they have a great attitude,” said Masters. “They are always happy to advise and to bring me equipment for evaluation. What’s more, their prices are no higher than some ‘boxshifters’ I could name and you get all that service for free!” KMR also provided Masters with an AEA KU4S unidirectional ribbon microphone, which, he said, is his new ‘go to’ mic, and his Pro Tools HDX rig. Masters is one of only a few composers who have worked directly to Pro Tools since version 8 which has a 500 channel midi template allowing him to work in Ensemble. “I can also export directly to Sibelius which saves me a lot of time,” explained Masters. “I am looking forward to version 11.”