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KV2 Audio Compex

Speaker system controller

What is it? A system controller designed exclusively for integration with KV2 speaker systems. Details Designed to address the problem of poor sound quality delivered by digital formats like MP3s, Compex employs a new technology called DHC – Dynamic Harmonic Control – using two proprietary analogue processes. The first – an optical compressor, traditionally associated with musicality and subtle compression characteristics – is filtered to only affect those frequencies which cause harshness in the digital signal. Bass frequencies and low mids are left untouched to maintain the warmth and fullness of the source with users offered a choice of two filter settings to achieve the best-sounding result. The second processing element is an analogue even-order harmonic generator designed to introduce harmonic content to parts of the signal to increase clarity and warmth (similar to routing it through a valve pre amp). Again, users can switch between different settings to optimise sound quality. And another thing… According to KV2, when used in conjunction with the compressor, the end result is a “bigger but not louder” sound said to improve the audibility of the initial source considerably.