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KV2 Audio ESM26

Compact stage monitor

What is it?A compact, 2-way passive stage monitor designed for vocal applications.DetailsDespite its compact proportions – 374mm wide x 340mm high – the ESM26 delivers a peak output of 126dB at a sensitivity of 98dB@1W. The design incorporates KV2’s analogue delay line technology utilised in its ESD speaker range. This circuit (incorporated in the speaker’s crossover network) is said to provide the monitor with perfect time alignment and phase correction without the need for external processors and bi-amping. According to KV2, the savings this offers are substantial – effectively halving amplifier costs and eliminating the need for expensive processors.Offering high feedback rejection characteristics, the design is said to require “absolutely minimal EQ” for its 6” dual, low-inductance, long-excursion drivers housed in a bass reflex cabinet. A full-width port along the bottom of the cabinet provides direct coupling with the floor for enhanced bass response while the newly-designed 1.75” titanium compression driver mounted on a 100º x 100º horn incorporates a complex geometry phase plug for higher output, exceptionally low distortion and extended frequency response. And another thing…The ESM26 enclosure provides a steeper angle than conventional monitors to ensure sound is directed at the performer and rear of stage rather than up into the ceiling.