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KV2 K-Rig

Ground stacking rig

What is it? A speaker rig embracing KV2’s point source technology developed for its ES range. Details Designed to be quickly ground stacked, the K-Rig plug ‘n’ play system is said to be easy to set up, even by those with limited technical knowledge. According to KV2, the K-RIG delivers both high output and clarity to provides great coverage and projection. The basic system combines the KT2.0 dedicated mid/high module with a horn-loaded 12″speaker and large diaphragm 2.5″ compression driver on an 80º x 40º horn. It operates over a frequency range of 180Hz to 20Khz and boasts a peak output SPL of 137dB. The KT2.15 double 15″ bass speaker operates from 180Hz down and delivers a peak SPL of 133dB. For applications where maximum bass output is required, a second KT2.15 can be added per side or a KT1.18 single 18″ sub for extended low-end response. The system is controlled and powered by KV2’s K-PAK – housing three amplifiers and other electronics to provide optimum output to the speakers – and supplied in its own sturdy road case with large heat sink and sealed electronics for maintenance-free operation. A 1.8kW amplifier covers the low frequencies while a 1kW mid-range amplifier and a 200W Class-A/B amplifier handle the range above this. The K-PAK includes LF and HF level controls along with a specially-designed harmonic enhancer. And another thing… As the KT2.0 and KT2.15 must be used together for full frequency response reproduction, flying of the system is not recommended.