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L-Acoustics LA4X

Four channel amp/controller

What is it? An amplified controller based on 4-in/4-out architecture and combining the benefits of self-powered speaker packages with the flexibility of outboard DSP and amplification. Details According to L-Acoustics, passive speakers can be virtually considered powered when used with the LA4X – but with the versatility typical of a separate amplification system. Described as a “green” amplified controller, the LA4X relies on a universal switch mode power supply suitable for 90V – 265V operation and incorporating power factor correction designed to maximise amplifier efficiency and take advantage of almost 100% of the available electrical power with a very high tolerance to unstable mains. The LA4X delivers 4 x 1kW RMS into 4 or 8 ohms with Class-D amplification circuits combining energy efficiency with minimal heat dissipation. The controller incorporates both analogue and digital inputs with four cascaded 24-bit A/D converters at the front-end offering a 130dB dynamic range. Fallback functions are also included – making possible the creation of redundant audio paths – together with IIR and FIR filters said to generate perfectly linearised phase curves and significantly improved impulse responses. The pool of 8 x IIR and 3 x FIR filters, an array morphing tool and up to 1000ms of delay per channel allow the controller to act as an EQ station and provide room-tuning functions without the need for external processing, while the L-Drive protection system carries out a dual analysis of signal level in real-time and RMS. And another thing… The design of complex LA4X systems is made possible through the L-Net Ethernet-based network offering a data transfer protocol of 100 Mbit/s and allowing up to 253 units to be controlled and monitored in real-time via the LA Network Manager software.