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L-Acoustics debuts L-ISA training programme

Initially, training sessions will be available by invitation only, but in the fourth quarter of 2019, the sessions will be extended to a wider audience

In the days leading up to Prolight + Sound 2019, L-Acoustics has announced the availability of training programmes for systems and mixing engineers seeking to implement L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology.

Initially, training sessions will be available by invitation only in L-Acoustics locations in Marcoussis, France; New York City, NY and Westlake Village, CA, and at select partner facilities. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the sessions will be extended to a wider audience.

Sherif El Barbari, director of L-ISA Labs, noted that the accelerated interest in and adoption of L-ISA technology has created a real need for a global community of expert users. “L-ISA is gaining momentum everywhere: events, touring, and experiential venues. In addition to live events, such as the upcoming Aerosmith Deuces Are Wild Residency or Mark Knopfler’s current tour, we’re seeing the technology installed as the ‘house PA’ in venues such as EartH in London, Theatre Rossiya in Moscow, and on two Princess Cruises vessels. The demand for festivals is growing, too.

“To accompany this industry shift to multidimensional audio, we want end users to feel fluent in L-ISA. Indeed, the inherent ease-of-use and intuitiveness of L-ISA make it approachable for new users. That said, object-based mixing is a different way of thinking. We know our end users want to give audiences the best possible experience and there is no substitute for hands-on training to help achieve that goal.”

L-ISA training blends theory and hands-on practice in three-day seminars, bringing together systems engineers and mixing engineers. Mixing engineers will learn to prepare, encode and mix an L-ISA show, while systems engineers will learn to design, implement, calibrate, and operate a sound reinforcement project built around L-ISA and gain access to the L-ISA Tools feature pack in Soundvision 3.1.0.

The sessions will introduce L-ISA in a full system approach through tutorials and best practices for live object-based mixing in static and dynamic settings. There will also be role-specific sessions for systems and mixing engineers with differentiated tasks. At the end, systems and mixing engineers will discuss L-ISA project management, considering native L-ISA pre-production and guest engineer support, as well as the process of transitioning from stereo to L-ISA. The participating engineers will also receive official certification from L-Acoustics acknowledging their completion of the programme.

Etienne Corteel, L-Acoustics director of scientific outreach, added: “Accompanying end users in the optimal operation of our systems through training has always been central to our vision. By offering sessions in small groups, we can provide highly relevant and personalised instruction that addresses individual end users’ needs and questions. We believe this approach will serve the defined learning goals, and foster an environment of peer-to-peer exchanges and enrichment.”

In 2019, L-Acoustics will issue 6,000 training certificates to participants in 50 countries through sessions ranging from Systems Fundamentals and Variable Curvature Line Source to L-ISA technology and more.