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‘I’m more of a creator than a technical person’: Laurel talks self-producing her debut album Dogviolet

Laurel self-produced her debut album from her London flat, using a minimal kit that included an Audient ID44 audio interface

Musician and producer Laurel wrote, mixed and produced her debut album Dogviolet herself from the comfort of her London flat, using a minimal kit with an Audient ID44 audio interface.

Laurel recently released a single off the album, Life Worth Living, which already has over four million listens on Spotify.

Laurel spoke to Audient of her production methods: “I’m more of a creator than a technical person. It just so happens that I’ve done all of this technical stuff because I’m so specific about what I want it to be like, because I created it. I think you can get caught up in the technical stuff, but with production, it just sounds right, and that is it for me.”

“I’m very quick to write songs,” she added. “Sometimes a song will never sound right, and maybe it will never be finished. Then one day, you’ll listen to a song that you wrote three years ago, and suddenly you crack it. With songs, I always know when it’s finished.”

Laurel’s song writing approach is simple and raw: “Usually, I write songs on a guitar – an acoustic guitar mainly – I lay it out, get the guide vocals, and then just have to play around. There’s no formula to be honest.”

Of working from her home studio, Laurel explained: “To get into a creative space, I think I just have to be in a creative space. My house is perfect – it’s really chilled, and there are no time constraints, which is one of the reasons I don’t like recording in big studios. The time pressures an money pressures to get something done sometimes makes it ingenuine for me.”

Despite this, sometimes self-producing can be a challenge. “With self-producing,” Laurel pondered, “the main obstacle is focusing. If there is someone else in the room, it’s really good to vibe off each other.”

You can watch the full interview with Audient below: