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Lawo launches new IP broadcast products at BVE 2019

New products include the Power Core native IP and DSP remote, the V_matrix IP routing and processing platform, and more

Lawo is introducing a multitude of new IP broadcast product ranges at BVE 2019.

First off, the Power Core is a native IP Audio I/O and DSP remote production node, featuring WAN-capability, with low-latency, on site audio processing for monitoring and IFB mixing. It also features 48 processing channels, allowing for remote control of all relevant channel parameters (Gain, Fader, Mute, EQ, Dynamics and Aux Send Level) from mc² consoles.

Featuring touch-screen optimised control GUI for on site and remote operation, the Power Core also provides network-link redundancy via SMPTE 2022-7 seamless protection switching.

Lawo’s broadcast production product portfolio also features the V_matrix software-defined IP routing, processing and multi-viewing platform: based on FPGA-based processing blades, with virtual modules (VM) loaded on to create functionality. The range of VMs include the vm_dmv64-4 IP multi-viewer and the vm_UDX 4K format converter.

Multiple cores are connected through redundant 40GE (or 4x10GE) Ethernet interfaces to an IP network, forming a distributed IP routing and processing matrix to provide clean switching.

Lawo has also offered smart system monitoring and real-time telemetry for broadcast networks with the mc²56 3rd Generation production console, including the A_UHD Core network-based, software-defined audio DSP engine. The A_UHD Core holds >1000 mc² DSP channels that can be utilised by a single mc² console, with the ability to be shared with up to four consoles.

Eight independent 10/1GbE network interfaces with SFPs allow for the use of redundant networks via ST2022-7 seamless protection switching (SPS). The A_UHD Core’s network I/O capacity equals 40,000 48kHz/24bit audio channels, with two redundant RJ45 1GbE management ports provided. The setup also includes Kick, an automated mixing control for close-ball audio pickup. 

The mc²56 provides a ‘Live View’ thumbnail preview of video streams directly in the fader strip, featuring full native support for SMPTE 2110, AES67 / Ravenna, Dante and MADI audio streams.

Finally, Lawo has also unveiled its Smart range, including the smartDASH vendor-agnostic enterprise software for network and media visibility across an all-IP, all-SDI or hybrid WAN/LAN broadcast infrastructure. The smartSCOPE deep packet inspection and network analyser is also being launched, a media-agnostic analysis platform for IP flows in live production delivery.

BVE will run at the ExCel, London, United Kingdom from February 26-28 2019.