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UK Music welcomes Sadiq Khan’s plans to protect music venues

The draft London Plan has proposed to bring in agent of change for new building projects

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has included the ‘agent of change’ principle within his new planning strategy for the capital.

Agent of change means those who bring about a change take responsibility for its impact. The proposal would mean developers would have to take account of the impact of any new scheme on pre-existing businesses, such as music venues, before going ahead with their plans.

UK Music CEO Michael Dugher said: “London is a global music city. Music tourism alone generates over £1 billion for the capital and attracts over 3.5 million people every year to gigs and festivals.

“Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and night czar Amy Lame are to be congratulated for recognising that beyond its success the sustainability of music and the night time economy face real challenges which need to be supported by planning decisions.

Although only at draft stage, the proposal in the Mayor’s London Plan would mean that the developer of new flats would have to take responsibility for soundproofing, to avoid the risk of new neighbours complaining about noise from a music venue, for example.

According to the Music Venue Trust, 35% of music venues have closed in the past decade.

The draft London Plan, which also includes positive proposals for Creative Enterprise Zones and Cultural Quarters, is open to consultation and will come into effect in autumn 2019.