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Longplayer celebrates 15 years of continuous play at iOS app launch

The launch, in Hackney, saw composer Jem Finer perform a section on 12 record decks

Longplayer, the 1000-year piece of music composed by Pogues founder Jem Finer, celebrated its 15th year of continuous play on Tuesday (30 June) with the launch of an iOS app.

The launch party, at the White Building in Hackney, London, saw Finer perform a section of the composition using 12 record decks, accompanied by sound artist Vicki Bennet and musician Steve Beresford (pictured, L–R).

Longplayer has been playing since the beginning of the year 2000, and will continue to play without repetition until 31 December 2999, at which point it will restart. Commissioned by arts charity Artangel, it is based on an existing 20-minute, 20-second-long score for Tibetan singing bowls (the ‘source music’), processed using a simple computer algorithm which chooses and combines six sections in such a way that no combination is repeated until exactly 1000 years has passed. (A full explanation is available on the Longplayer website.)

The Longplayer iOS app (pictured below right) introduces a new way to listen to Longplayer – it has thus far only been available online, at selected listening posts worldwide and at one-off live performances – and displays a real-time graphic score as it plays.

An Android app will follow if the iOS version is successful.

Download the Longplayer iOS app at

Photos: Peter Knight