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Top loudspeaker launches at ISE 2020

Find out what pro audio loudspeakers have been launched so far

Now that the ISE show is in full swing – despite the minor set backs of Storm Ciara and Coronavirus concerns – we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top loudspeaker launches so far. Many major pro sound brands are debuting new loudspeakers for varying applications, and ISE’s attendees get to be the first to feast their eyes on the freshly-launched innovations. Check them out here…


German pro audio brand d&b audiotechnik has officially launched its new KSLi system at ISE 2020.

A complete installation package, the system features the KSLi8 /KSLi12 loudspeakers, combined with KSLi-SUB/ KSLi-GSUB subwoofers, the new 40D installation amplifier and a full catalogue of system specific accessories and customisation options.

d&b is committed to improving upon its existing installed audio solutions and the new KSLi system is an example of just that. Both loudspeakers are acoustically identical to the mobile KSL system with full-range broadband directivity control, extended low frequency response and enhanced high frequency resolution.

Stand 7-C210.


Funktion-One has released two compact loudspeakers at ISE 2020, one of which is the smallest speaker the brand has ever created. Also on show is the Vero VX, Evo series and bass options.

Stand: 7-S192.


Genelec is showcasing two Smart IP loudspeaker models at ISE. The 4420 and 4430 loudspeakers both feature onboard Smart IP technology, which provides scalable power, audio and loudspeaker configuration, supervision and calibration features via a standard CAT cable.

Stand: 3-B115.

Meyer Sound:


Meyer Sound’s two new loudspeakers – the ULTRA-X20 and USW-112p – incorporate the latest generation of Meyer Sound advances in driver configuration, transducer design, amplifier technology, and mounting/rigging hardware.

“These loudspeakers set higher benchmarks for versatility in every respect,” said Pablo Espinosa, VP and chief loudspeaker designer. “For one of the new loudspeakers, the power-to-size ratio is exceptional and they are easy to move and rig. With three different rotatable horn configurations, you can choose a coverage pattern to meet any horizontal or vertical requirement.”

Stand 1-M90.

Alcons Audio

Alcons Audio has brought a new two-way passive-filtered loudspeaker at ISE 2020, the CRMS-SRHV.

The CRMS-SRHV is designed to meet all the requirements of current and future immersive surround sound formats and features Alcons’ patented pro-ribbon driver technology. Due to the “compression-less” principle of the pro-ribbon transducer, the system has a linear response at any SPL.

The CRMS-SRHV is ideal for performing arts theatres, screening rooms, post-production facilities and dubbing stages, premium home cinemas and quality-conscious PLF cinemas.

The brand also has its pro-ribbon immersive experience on show.

Stand: 6-K160.

Active Audio & APG: 

Active Audio has unveiled its new RAY-ON PoE powered loudspeaker column arrays at ISE 2020. The RAY-ON PoE Series integrates a comprehensive PoE+ interface (IEEE 802.3at), a 60W internal power amplifier, and a Dante RJ45 digital input into a self-powered column loudspeaker.

Sister brand APG has also launched its new iX range – a full series of fixed installation loudspeakers – at ISE 2020. The iX line is made up of five coaxial loudspeaker models: iX5, iX6, iX8, iX12 and iX15; all of which are two-way acoustic speakers loaded in bass-reflex for low-frequency extension.

Stand: 3-B120.


Outline has revealed two new products at ISE 2020.

The first is STADIA 28, a constant curvature array that is the latest addition to the STADIA family designed for large sports venues and arenas. The new module is a medium-throw, constant curvature array enclosure weighing just 21kg yet capable of a peak SPL of 139dB. 

The second is the L3000 multi-purpose amplifier. Designed principally for applications where it is not possible or practical to use 19-inch racks, L3000 is a freestanding multi-mode power amplifier presented in the same style enclosure as Outline’s touring loudspeakers.

Stand 7-S200.

Ashly Audio:

The AW series

Ashly Audio has launched the AW series on-wall speakers, the IS series dual-impedance column speakers, and the SP subwoofer at ISE 2020.

Ashly Audio’s AW series speakers are designed to take full advantage of Protēa and AquaControl DSP and have a unique DOC crossover that reduces the off-axis deviation in sound pressure levels to <9db. This provides a wider “sweet spot” for audio and allows for robust bass, crisp treble and an accurate midrange.

Ashly Audio’s IS column speakers operate at eight or 32 ohms, making them effective for simple applications or allowing larger numbers to be used in distributed installations – up to 32 IS speakers can be run off of a single Ashly PEMA or CA amplifier.

The SP-12.1P subwoofer provides an extended low end and offers a portable “system-on-a-stick” configuration solution.

Stand 3-C100.


RCF has released its new BUSINESS MUSIC line at ISE 2020, representing a crossover between professional and consumer markets.

The RCF BUSINESS MUSIC line offers a wide range of professional audio systems, including amplifiers and speakers, for both background and foreground music. This series is suitable for all sized installations, varying from retail stores to bars and restaurants, meeting rooms, education or public facilities.

The BUSINESS MUSIC amplifiers are compact, making them ideal for both desktop and rack installation. There are two digital mixer amplifiers models, the DMA 82 (two x 80W) and DMA 162 (two x 160W). These are factory-created and available on the website so that the user only has to set parameters for the environment rather than the speakers.

Stand  7-R200.

EM Acoustics:

British loudspeaker manufacturer, EM Acoustics, is debuting the flagship model of a brand new loudspeaker series at ISE 2020.

The new Reference series consists of full-range point source loudspeakers with flat frequency and phase responses.

The R10 is suited to any performance application requiring high-quality sound reinforcement in a versatile, low profile enclosure. It is a three-way passive system featuring dual 10-inch LF drivers and a four-inch/2.5-inch mid-hi coaxial unit.

Stand 7-X250.


Adamson Systems Engineering has unveiled its install-focused IS series loudspeakers, including the new IS219 high-powered subwoofer, at ISE 2020.

Adamson has also partnered with CAST Software for a series of daily immersive audio demos showcasing its BlackTrax real-time tracking technology and Adamson’s Milan-ready CS7p and CS118 loudspeakers.

Stand 7-C235.

Martin Audio:

Martin Audio has launched five new ADORN series in-ceiling and pendant pro sound speakers, designed specifically for the commercial installation sector.

The ADORN series of on-wall loudspeakers was first put to the market in 2019. This initial offering is now being expanded with the addition of three in-ceiling loudspeakers and the company’s first-ever pendant speaker, available in both white and black.

Martin Audio ADORN speakers are ideal for a variety of applications, such as retail outlets, bars, restaurants and corporate offices. They are designed to make up both background and foreground systems and can provide a seamless sonic transition within a multi-zone complex using larger Martin Audio systems such as CDD or BlacklineX.

Stand K-190.

CODA Audio:

CODA Audio has unveiled a new compact three-way line array at ISE 2020, the N-RAY.

N-RAY, part of CODA’s latest N-Series, draws on the features of CODA’s flagship AiRAY technology, placing them into a shallow, lightweight cabinet ideal for theatres, performing arts centres and corporate events.

The new line array incorporates a six-inch double-diaphragm planar wave driver (DDP), dual 6.5-inch neodymium low distortion and frequency cone drivers, magnetic coupler sums and Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) technology. It offers a phase linearity similar to AiRAY, a 60Hz-22 kHz (-6dB) frequency range and a high power handling of 1,000W.

Stand 7-C320.