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‘Creativity and innovation are what drives growth’: L-Acoustics’ Jochen Frohn on his predictions for the loudspeaker market

Part 2 of our three interviews with industry experts discussing the predicted growth of the loudspeaker market

We spoke to Jochen Frohn, director of business development at L-Acoustics, about his take on the projected $1bn growth in the loudspeaker market over the next four years.

As the creator of the modern line source array, L-Acoustics enjoys a privileged position in the sound industry – we’ve had decades to innovate, create and replicate breakthrough technology and solutions that are now universally accepted in the market. Predictable, standardised systems and designs for venues and events along with a network of trained partners around the globe running the systems that are rational and quick to deploy has led to unprecedented coverage, SPL and bandwidth homogeneity, which in turn drives greater client satisfaction – all of these are attributes that are synonymous with L-Acoustics today.

At L-Acoustics, we feel we are seeing a paradigm shift in the professional sound industry, both at venues and live events. As streaming has accustomed audiences to having quality entertainment on demand in their living rooms, in their cars, on the train, in their pockets – really anywhere and anytime they want it – so live productions have become the ‘wow!’ moment that fans are seeking. Our job is to rise above expectations and give people moments of exception.

The industry has evolved so rapidly in the last couple of decades. Audiences demand ultra-high production values and the audio industry is obligated to provide an innovative, quality experience to go right along with other industry disciplines. This demand puts pressure on the audio industry to push the envelope and has translated into a current profusion of exciting sound system designs at both venues and live events.

L-Acoustics is at the forefront of this excitement with L-ISA, our immersive sound system that is applicable to permanent installations and live events. L-ISA creates a sound that is natural and highly intelligible for audiences, matching what they hear to what they see and giving them a connection to the artist or performance that they’ve never felt before.

So even if L-ISA is a paradigm shift in the way that sound designs are conceived, implemented and even in the way a sound engineer mixes, we’ve already succeeded in installing L-ISA systems in forward-thinking venues such as the Puy du Fou theme park in France and the Mercury Space club in Moscow. L-ISA has been experienced by Renaud fans for a 15-month tour throughout France and festival-goers at Coachella and Panorama festivals in the US this summer.

As productions realise that L-ISA offers expanded creative horizons and scalability to diverse venues and productions, I think we’ll see it being rapidly adopted.

In my opinion, the growth in the professional sound industry will have to come from projects like L-ISA. Creativity, innovation and continuing to incite excitement and a sense of pushing the envelope for productions and audiences is what will drive the growth that will ensure that live production will keep its place as the driver of the industry.