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LynTec Remote Power Control Mobile

Power distribution system

What is it? An intelligent mobile power distribution system for stadiums, arenas, theatres houses of worship and other venues. Details Said to be unlike any comparable system on the market, the new Remote Power Control Mobile (RPCM) incorporates motorised circuit breakers, current monitoring plus remote monitoring. The switch-grade motorised circuit breakers provide electrical protection and on/off control within a single enclosure, enabling simple power distribution and control within large, live venues. Offering real-time load balance and notification alarms, the unit allows current monitoring at the branch circuit level and for circuits to be turned on or off sequentially, which is particularly beneficial when power is supplied by a generator. A built-in Web server allows users to monitor and control distribution directly on the network or from any browser-enabled smart device. For protection at large events with demanding load mixing situations, the RPCM allows users to monitor loads on specific circuits and see the impact of added demand on the unit’s interface. The programmable RPCM is capable of sending circuit alerts by text or email, allowing users to take action remotely for greater flexibility and more efficient energy control – including remote hard reboots of connected devices. For increased space and cost savings, the circuit breaker panel can also be used for remote on/off control. And another thing… Available as a custom-built box, the RPCM can also be used with third-party control systems using DMX, sACN, or TCP/IP protocols to provide flexible interfacing with all popular platforms.