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Lynx Pro Audio LX-V12

High-powered line array

What is it?A line array module suitable for use in large-scale applications. DetailsThe LX-V12 houses two 12” LF drivers, four 6.5” mid-range units and two 1.4” HF compression drivers with individual wave guides. The self-powered line array enclosure includes 4000W class-D amplification with Power Factor Correction and is capable of delivering up to 143dB peak SPL. Each cabinet provides its own DSP with EQ, filtering, alignment plus dual RMS and peak compression circuitry along with Ethercon connectivity for live monitoring. The LX-V12 also features Lynx’s Inclinometer – a built-in device through which it automatically knows at which angle it is tilted and where in the line array it is located. This information is then used to adjust for long, medium or short throw sound dispersion. Lynx has also unveiled a new cardioid sub-bass unit for use with the LX-V12. The LX-318HC includes three 18” woofers (2 front, 1 rear) and is also DSP controlled with 4200W Class-D amplification delivering 145dB peak SPL.