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Mach makes pro-audio comeback

Professional loudspeaker manufacturer Mach Audio, has made its pro-audio industry comeback following a lengthy period of inactivity.

Professional loudspeaker manufacturer Mach Audio, has made its pro-audio industry comeback following a lengthy period of inactivity. Managing director for Mach Audio Europe Alexander Donath (pictured), spoke to PSNEurope atProlight + Soundin Frankfurt.

“Mach Audio’s ambition is to become a serious factor in the global professional audio business,” asserts Donath.

Mach speakers were originally developed for the audio business unit of Martin Professional in 1993 and at the time Mach was based in Frederikshavn, Denmark, where the company’s equipment was designed and manufactured.

Europe and the United States were Mach’s initial target markets, but by the early 2000s the company saw substantial growth in Asia, leading Mach to set up a factory in China for the mass-production of lighting, sound and fog equipment.

In 2006 Martin Professional made the decision to phase out Mach Audio and focus solely on Mach lighting equipment. Mach’s audio activities were halted for six years, until the acquisition of Martin Professional by Harman in 2012 and the release of the Mach brand.

Donath explains: “This was quite the right time to release Mach Audio from Martin Professional Denmark. A cooperation of Canadian and Hong Kong investors took over Mach Audio, regained the organisation, relaunched the latest products and restarted the business to reinvent Mach Audio!”

The company officially returned to the market in 2013, launching its first ever line array system to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the development of the Mach brand.

In Frankfurt this year, Mach debuted its DSP-driven loudspeakers and a lightweight power amplifier.

“The product range we have consists of a large range of C series loudspeaker cabinets, which are specialised for installation and have multiple mounting options. The range starts with a two-way 8” plus high frequency driver cabinet and at the moment, (the range) ends up after ten models with a two-way 15” 2” loudspeaker box,” explains Donath.

“On the other side we have the touring series, also coming from the past, developed by Danish engineers, with everything standard you need, starting at the moment with our new model, MTN10T, a classic two-way 10” plus high frequency driver horn loaded unit.”

With a current core focus on Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the company is reintroducing its most successful products such as the C-Range and CW-Subwoofers, in addition to the new products launched at PL+S.

“The headquarters of Mach Audio is now in Hong Kong,” adds Donath. “We are regaining the distribution, from my position in Europe, Middle East and Africa and another colleague is in Hong Kong and they are supplying the entire Asia Pacific market from there.”