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Mackie Master Fader V2.0

Mixer control app update

What is it? An upgraded version of the Master Fader app for use with Mackie’s DL Series digital live mixers. Details Coming some 12 months after it was first introduced, this is a major update to the app incorporating some of the most requested features from users and introducing a range of further enhancements. These include input Channel Linking which allows joining of two input channels into a single channel strip for sources like keyboards, submixer outputs, vocal processors, etc. This also makes it possible to UnLink the stereo iPad channel to create two mono channels – for example, for isolating click tracks from backing tracks. A similar feature – Aux Send Linking – allows linking of two adjoining aux sends together into a single stereo send. Using Mute Groups you can now assign specific input and output channels to one or more of four separate mute groups for more extensive, customisable control of channel muting. And by assigning each input channel to one or more of four separate view groups, it’s now possible to see only see the channels you want to see for improved channel organisation and faster navigation. A new Pre-DSP Aux Source function allows selection of a pre-DSP channel source for Aux sends (useful when using Aux’s for monitor mixes) and applying channel effects such as compression to the main mix without affecting monitor mixes. Finally, a new Quick Access Panel provides an entirely new control area (accessible from any view) that allows for quick control over critical functions including, Clear Solo, Effects controls, Mute group control and View group control. And another thing… A series of enhancements have also made it easier to navigate Master Fader (using fewer touches and swipes) and this includes faster access to dynamics: touching the gain reduction meter on the mixer view now jumps straight to the dynamics screen.