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Mackie redesigns MR Series to adapt to home studio setting

Professional audio manufacturer Mackie has refreshed its MR Series studio monitor range to make it more accessible for use in home studios.

Designed for the ‘modern musician and content creator’ market, the revamped MR Series range comprises 5”, 6.5” and 8” studio monitor models, plus a 10” subwoofer.

“With more and more people turning their bedrooms and garages into studios, it is important to have monitors that can adapt,” said Mackie product manager Jon Rundle.

“With MR, we saw an opportunity to really take advantage of some of our best studio monitor technology,” he added. “By borrowing design elements from our flagship HR and XR Series, we can offer incredible fidelity and accuracy [with the MR Series] at prices that fit into even more conservative budgets.”

The new Acoustic Space Control allows adjustments to a monitor’s frequency response to match studio requirements, ensuring a flat response where necessary. An acoustic isolation pad is also included with each monitor, allowing detachment from a desk or stand for increased performance accuracy and precision of sound.

Rundle said: “When you dial in your monitors with the Acoustic Space Control, you can mix with confidence knowing that there won’t be any deceiving boosts or cuts across the frequency spectrum.”

“These new MR monitors take everything you know and love about MR to the next level,” he added.

Watch the launch video below.