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Manhattan-based Man Made Music chooses PMC monitors for studio facilities

Man Made Music was established over 20 years ago by award-winning composer and producer Joel Beckerman

Man Made Music, a Manhattan-based company that specialises in sound design, sonic branding and music creation, has been working closely with UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC to upgrade the stereo and surround monitoring in one of its two control rooms.

The company has installed a PMC IB2S XBD-A active system for both stereo and 5.1 monitoring and PMC Wafer2 passive speakers for left and right rear surround positions.

Established over 20 years ago by award-winning composer and producer Joel Beckerman, Man Made Music is based on Beckerman’s philosophy that sound matters more than anything because it has the power to influence decisions, opinions and actions in ways we might not even notice.

Man Made Music’s studio facilities occupy over 10,000 square feet of space in the heart of Manhattan’s financial district. It incorporates two large control rooms, a communal tracking space and several other smaller production studios and offices. The technical facilities were designed by renowned studio designer Fran Manzella, who describes the isolation in the two primary studios as ‘the highest-end we do, with completely decoupled floors and multi-layered box-inside-a-box walls’.

The decision to upgrade Man Made Music’s main A Control Room was taken by chief engineer Dennis Wall and chief technician Darren Moore, who both recognised the need for better stereo and surround monitoring. “We do IMAX, immersive and other advanced audio formats, so we were looking for an upgrade to add to the speaker allotment in our main studio,” he said. “PMC are leading the way for the new Dolby Atmos format and were already outfitting major facilities and schools with Dolby Atmos systems.”

Moore arranged a listening test at AES 2018 and concluded PMC was the right choice.

“I have known of them for a while and consider them very musical, but also cinematic in dynamic range and frequency spectrum,” he explained. “Also, to build out the system to full Dolby Atmos and maybe other future specs we would be adding to the speaker allotment with matched components.”

Moore concurred: “Everyone agrees they are fantastic with full lows and crisp, open highs. They sound good at any level and have more headroom than the preceding system. The report is that mixes are coming out better and faster than ever before.”

“The PMCs are hands-down the most true and transparent monitors I’ve mixed with,” said Beckerman. “They’re also so incredibly inspiring to track with, which just makes the music better all-around.”

Man Made Music is now using its new PMC monitors to create music and sounds for companies such as Nissan, Disney, Citi, Alzheimer’s Association and HBO.