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Tube UK uses d&b V-Series PA for Manchester Christmas Switch On ceremony

All the d&b speakers were powered by D80 amplifiers

Audio specialist Tube UK’s d&B system delivered sound for Manchester’s 2017 Christmas light switch on, featuring acts including Pixie Lott and X Factor favourites Yes Lad. 

The d&b sound system spec’d for the Albert Square show was designed by Tube’s John Redfern and based on the required crowd coverage and the needs of the multiple acts appearing onstage during the hour-long event.   

All artists were accompanied by backing tracks run via one of tube’s QLab systems, which was also used to play out a series of beds running in the background.

Redfern explained: “The main challenge of this gig every year is the exceptionally tight get in! However the Tube team’s now encyclopaedic knowledge of virtually every corner, nook and cranny of Albert Square and the associated quirks of working in the space certainly assist in making the process efficient for sound.”

The main d&b V-Series PA flyers and their accompanying ground stacked subs and fills were located at the Lloyd Street end of the Square, with the town hall to the left hand side of the main audience area.

Five ground stacked delay arrays – a mix of V and Y series speakers – were positioned across and around the space to ensure that the public enjoyed an excellent sonic experience from all over the square.

All the d&b speakers were powered by D80 amplifiers.

Two Yamaha CL5 consoles were deployed, one at FOH and one for monitor mixing, complete with d&b M4 wedges onstage and Sennheiser 5000 hand-held mics.

Six Tube engineers worked on the show, including Adam Taylor who ran FOH, John Redfern who co-ordinated monitors and stage, and Tube director Melvyn Coote, who was systems engineer for the event.