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Marketing and finance president Wolfgang Fraissinet leaves Georg Neumann GmbH

Fraissinet’s departure from the company makes way for a new management set-up while the management team will temporarily report to COO of Sennheiser and president research and development, Peter Claussen

A new management set-up has been announced today for Georg Neumann GmbH.

Wolfgang Fraissinet, president marketing and finance, will be leaving Georg Neumann GmbH to pursue new career opportunities in the audio and music industry.

COO of Sennheiser, Peter Claussen, commented on the transition: “We thank Wolfgang for his huge contribution to the success of Georg Neumann GmbH for almost three decades”.

Until the position has been filled, the Neumann management team will report directly to Claussen, who is also president research and development of Georg Neumann GmbH. “We have a fantastic team at Neumann – together, we will ensure a smooth transition for our customers,” continued Claussen.

With a background in premium brand marketing, a business degree and an education in classical piano at Berlin Conservatory, Fraissinet started his career with Georg Neumann GmbH in 1990, shortly before the company was acquired by Sennheiser in 1991. During this period, Fraissinet was part of the team that helped to integrate the Neumann business into Sennheiser, with a focus on the microphone portfolio.

In 1992, he was made head of marketing and sales, a position in which he professionalised the company’s international marketing and PR activities, raising awareness of the Neumann brand and anchoring it in the premium recording segment.

In 2000, Fraissinet became president, marketing and sales of Georg Neumann GmbH. When Neumann took over the Klein+Hummel monitoring loudspeaker business in 2010, he was instrumental in establishing the new monitor line in the studio market. He also introduced a new CI/CD for Neumann.Berlin, culminating in a move to new headquarters in Berlin in 2015.

Alongside his business career, he has continued to pursue his musical interests, and has been involved in various international productions of classical, jazz and film music.

“On behalf of the entire executive management board of Sennheiser, I would like to thank Wolfgang for his immense contribution to the company’s success,” continued Claussen. “With his determination and commitment, his wealth of expertise and close ties within the audio industry, Wolfgang has played a vital role in driving the Neumann business forward for almost three decades. His accomplishments include enlarging the studio specialist’s product portfolio and making Neumann a highly desirable brand not only in the studio field. We thank him and wish him all the best in his new endeavors.”