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Martin Audio’s MLA PA impresses at Butlins festival TWSTD

“The clarity of the system is fantastic and the amount of volume it generates is truly impressive"

Martin Audio partner Stage Audio Services (SAS) chose the MLA Compact PA for Butlins’ indoor music festival TWSTD in Skegness in November.

Contracted by event production company Zero Degrees Events, SAS flew 10 MLA Compact elements per side and 10 MLX subs in a broadside array.

Billed as the UK’s biggest indoor winter music festival, taking place at Butlins’ large holiday camp in Skegness, TWSTD Festival runs over two back-to-back weekends.

SAS’ Nat Hopking said: “MLA was proposed as a solution to getting the most from the event without having to compromise on noise levels, and the restrictions imposed due to local residents in the area. But thanks to the way this system works the acoustician monitoring of the off-site noise had no issues.”

SAS had originally hoped to fly hangs of 12 enclosures but this proved unnecessary. “In the end 10 was perfectly sufficient as the MLA Compact is incredibly loud for such a small box. We had four [Martin Audio] DD12’s available for fills but the way the stage was built, and the position of the barrier, they just weren’t needed,” he added.

Hopking himself acted as system tech and FOH engineer, mapping out the room in the DISPLAY software to ensure the measurements were correct, and ‘hard avoiding’ the stage.

“This box is truly witchcraft! At 45 metres distance I was able to maintain a constant 112dBA at front of house without a hint of struggle from the PA. It’s incredible! Then you walk five metres behind front of house and you can have a conversation about how loud it is.”

“The clarity of the system is fantastic and the amount of volume it generates is truly impressive. The MLX is for me one of the best subs in the world — it’s so musical as well as incredibly powerful.”