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Martin Audio hails ‘much improved financial structure’ following Loud buyout

Martin Audio on what Loud buyout means for company

Martin Audio director of marketing, James King, has spoken to PSNEurope about the acquisition of parent company Loud Technologies by venture capitalist Transom Capital Group, describing it as a “positive opportunity” for the loudspeaker brand.

Yesterday it was revealed that Loud Technologies and each of its brands – including Mackie, Ampeg, EAW and Martin Audio – have been acquired by Transom Capital Group, in a deal that will see the group rebranded as Loud Audio LLC and run by senior Loud Technologies staff.

According to Transom, the agreement is aimed at providing ‘continuity with product development, distribution and the supply chain but with new capital to enable growth across all brands’. It is also hoped that the acquisition will enable Loud to invest further in product development and break into new international markets.

Speaking to PSNEurope, King expressed his excitement at what the buyout means for the brand going forward.

“The acquisition is a positive opportunity for Martin Audio,” he said. “Transom is a good partner with experience of the industry and excellent track record of building brands. The much improved financial structure of the group will continue to enable Martin Audio to drive product innovation and improve the supply chain to be a stronger partner to our growing list of customers around the world.”

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