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Martin Audio reinforces Davide Van De Sfroos’ San Siro show

Italian singer songwriter Davide Van De Sfroos’ recent live show at Milan’s San Siro featured a comprehensive Martin Audio sound reinforcement system.

Martin Audio partner All Access provided the system for the concert, which saw over 20,000 fans in attendance, comprising 22 MLA and an MLD Downfill on each side of the stage, underpinned by 36 MLX subs. For sidefills they added a further 11 MLA on each flank, while front fills were made up of four further MLD Downfills and eight Martin Audio W8LM Mini Line Arrays.

For the musicians, 12 Martin Audio LE2100 and six LE1200 floor monitors were provided for reference sound, and stage fills comprised eight Martin Audio W8LM and four WS218X subs.

Sound engineer and All Access PA manager, Paolo ‘Red’ Talami, explained the choice of system configuration. “The attendance was estimated between 20,000 and 25,000 people and it was not decided until the last moment whether to open the second ring of the stadium,” he explained.

“For this reason I developed three different projections in [Martin Audio’s proprietary] Display 2.2; one was covering only the first ring, the second was a partial ring cover and finally a full coverage of the second ring. When the decision to open the second ring was taken on show day I opted for a partial cover.”

The three profiles had been realised with the same type of rigging and degree of array incline, so that any projection could be implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“With a stage height of 1.90 metres we centrally located the four Martin Audio MLD frontfills on the MLX line source, along with a configuration of 3 + 3 Martin Audio W8LM as outfill and two separate Martin Audio W8LM,” he continued.

The subs were arranged in 12 stacks of three Martin Audio MLX in ‘line source’ configuration — spaced from 0.7 metres and with incremental delays for a 170° dispersion – in order to deliver the same image to every fan in the venue.