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Martin Audio’s PAs ‘a complete success’ for Hungary festival Sziget’s 25th year

Martin Audio PA systems were once again all over the seven-day Sziget Festival in Hungary — the final leg of a three-event tour of the country, which included Volt and Balaton Festivals.

Capital supplied two trucks of equipment, including the bulk of the MLA, MLD, MLX and MLA Compact enclosures, while Martin Audio’s Polish partners, Musnicki, provided the remainder of Martin Audio’s flagship PA for the 25th year of the event.

Featuring daily capacity crowds of 90,000, Martin Audio PA systems featured on the main, Colosseum and Europe stages, courtesy of the manufacturer’s Hungarian partner, BG Event.

Capital Sound has worked the event almost continuously for 12 years and MLA has featured for the past three.

Capital Sound’s operations and development director Paul Timmins said that the recent creation of a loading dock backstage, impacting on the coverage area, required different optimisations to be programmed into the proprietary Display software.

“We tweak the system year on year as there’s always improvements that can be made,” he said. “The beauty of Sziget is that they always want to provide the best when it comes to sound systems.”

Capital made minor modifications to its previous formula. This largely affected the MLX subwoofer design, with 48 MLX arranged this time in a spaced cardioid array, comprising 16 evenly spaced stacks of three enclosures. This provided LF extension to a system that comprised two 17-element MLA drops and an MLD downfill at the base.

There were two side hangs of nine MLA and an MLD Downfill, while 16 W8LC Compact Line Array elements were spaced either along the front of the stage and on top of the subs to boost nearfield coverage.

“The beauty of Sziget is that they always want to provide the best when it comes to sound systems”

Paul Simmons

The PA optimisations were set to avoid sound spillage to numerous other stages,” Timmins commented. “The second stage is massive and runs all night, which is why the sub design was so important.

“Once again the event was a complete success,” he added.