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Mastermind Production Group reinforces with JBL Professional line arrays

Mastermind's new line arrays were put to good use on Sunday night when the company provided audio for the Elton John AIDS Foundation's viewing and after party for the Oscars

Mastermind Production Group has updated its sound reinforcement inventory with new JBL Professional line arrays, putting them to good use on Sunday night when providing audio for the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s viewing and after party for the Oscars.

Based in Orange County, CA, Mastermind offers event production services, including audio, lighting, event management and more. The recent JBL loudspeaker additions include the 48 VTX A8 speakers and 24 B18 companion subwoofers.

“I was fortunate to see a prototype and then after seeing the production model at Infocomm, I put in my purchase order with full trust in the outcome,” said Chad Griswold, owner, Mastermind. “When it showed up, it exceeded our expectations—its physical size and output are fantastic. It’s lighter than our previous boxes, and requires fewer amps, so it’s even more efficient as far as space and cost to our clients.”

Other notable events that Mastermind has fielded the rigs for have included One Love Malibu, a fundraiser which raised over $1 million for California wildfire victims and included performances by Katy Perry, Brandi Carlile, Alanis Morisette, Robin Thicke, Gwen Stefani and others, and a recent Grammy event for Steven Tyler’s foundation, Janie’s Fund.

“The first show we deployed the A8s on was an event for Universal Pictures, and we flew 10-per-side in just over 20 minutes,” continued Griswold. “When we work with multiple companies on an event, the quicker we can get our speakers up and out of the way, the better. Now we’re rolling in and flying this rig faster than ever, and everyone else is even more impressed.”