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Mayah Flashman II

What is it?
Mayah’s second-generation, portable recorder with the ability to simultaneously record and transmit audio back to the studio.

Flashman II records to SD Cards and USB sticks and supports most networks and interfaces (WLAN, UMTS/3G and Ethernet) as well as MPEG 4, HEv2 and MPEG 4 AAC ELD audio formats. A major feature of the new design is the ability to record locally while providing a live feed – thus giving reporters full control over their material and the opportunity for post-transmission editing and subsequent re-use. Using Mayah’s FlashCast technology, Flashman II automatically recognises and connects to almost any audio codec format, making it suitable for location work where the destination codec is not known. A detailed LCD display provides visual monitoring of recorder functions and the unit offers remote web control in addition to manual controls and includes line and headphone outputs, 2 x XLR mic’ (with 48V phantom power) or line inputs plus a stereo line in.