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Mayah Sporty

What is it?An extremely small, lightweight reporter Codec combining ease of use with flexibility. DetailsSporty is said to be ideal for live reporting but can be used in a variety of different interview and reporting situations. According to Mayah, it is capable of transmitting “from anywhere to anywhere” whilst simultaneously recording to USB sticks or SD cards. The robust, portable design offers full compatibility with two new, state-of-the-art audio formats: MPEG 4 HEv2 and MPEG 4 AAC ELD. It provides one-touch high-quality, low-latency operation and through the use of Mayah’s FlashCast technology, is able to automatically recognise and connect to almost any audio Codec and format available. According to Mayah, it is ideal for situations where the destination Codec is not known. In addition to its ‘Easy-Interface’ design – said to provide “intuitive control” of all important parameters – Sporty features state-of-the-art network support. While providing both traditional PSTN and ISDN support, Sporty also offers access to network connectivity by adding WLAN, UMTS/3G and Ethernet to its extensive feature range. According to Mayah, this allows users to transmit reports from almost anywhere in the world. Recording formats include Linear Audio, MPEG Layer 2 and Layer 3, MPEG 4 AAC HEv2 and optional SD storage card and USB stick compatibility. Audio connections include two line/headphone outs, two XLR mic or line ins (with 48V phantom power) and additional line ins.