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Mega Audio strikes distribution deal with VUE

The Frankfurt-based company has partnered with VUE Audiotechnik for distribution of its loudspeaker products.

Mega Audio, based near Frankfurt, has paired up with VUE Audiotechnik for distribution of its loudspeaker products.

The partnership will plug VUE Audiotechnik into Mega Audio’s established sales network and support structure, while Mega Audio – headquartered in Waldlaubersheim – will receive access to VUE’s loudspeaker product range as well as ‘unmatched’ factory support, service and training.

The partnership was a logical next step for Mega Audio, as Burkhard Elsner, the company’s CEO explained: “This unique partnership is ideal for both of us; we have unprecedented access to VUE’s European demo inventory as well the added bonus of manufacturers presence in demos and training. Mega Audio has a deep understanding of the German marketplace and will bring in new opportunities that take advantage of VUE’s innovative designs and quality.

“Hearing the products convinced us. This partnership with VUE Europa GmbH guarantees that our customers receive the best possible service and are able to take advantage of the benefits that VUE products bring to the table as soon as possible,” Elsner noted.

With Prolight + Sound just around the corner, the timing could not be better for both companies. VUE Audiotechnik will be making two significant product launches its new al-Class CST Line Array System and self-powered h-Class subwoofer while Mega Sound will be at hand bringing customers to the VUE Booth 3.1 J40, just a few aisles over from their own booth 3.1.F61.

“Mega Audio is one of Germany’s most prestigious distributors for pro audio products, and we are excited to have them exercise their top-tier position in the region’s marketplace and act as a key member of the VUE team in Germany,” said Holger Kuno de Buhr, CEO of VUE Audiotechnik Europa. “With VUE’s new larger format line array system hitting the market this year, we look forward to utilising Mega Audio’s expertise to introduce the German touring industry to the advantages VUE offers in terms of performance and versatility.”